Vandenberg Composite Squadron 101
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 to Vandenberg Composite Squadron 101!

Vandenberg Composite Squadron 101

Vandenberg Composite Squadron Cadets learning about the attention to detail and checklists that pilots must conduct to safely pre-flight an airplane. After preflight was complete, cadets rotated through the front seat to experience an Orientation Flight. Civil Air Patrol cadets progress through five different levels of pilot knowledge with each Orientation Flight they participate in. 

Orientation Flights

One of the most exciting parts of being a Civil Air Patrol cadet, Orientation Flights! Our cadets were able to rotate through sitting in the front seat and learning the basics of how to fly!

Find out more about orientation flights here!

Aerospace Education

Vandenberg Composite Squadron cadets learned about the unique aerodynamics and controls of the R-22 helicopter! 

From engaging classroom presentations, to hands-on orientation flights, to captivating static demonstrations like this one, Aerospace Education is one of the three main missions of Civil Air Patrol! Learn more about Aerospace Education here!




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